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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 200

Benjamin answered, "I sent her home to make self-reflection. If you have a grudge against her, you can continue to help her. " "You're so heartless!" Emmeline muttered into the phone. She thought Janie was clever and dared to pursue love, and Janie was a good match with Benjamin. She wondered why it was hard for Benjamin to fall in love with Janie. Don't they all say that men are visual toward women? Janie is beautiful and cute! Emmeline thought Benjamin must be blind. Benjamin responded, "Ms. Louise, I'm so busy in the company. You can leave everything to me and retire early but don't make trouble! If you are bored, I can take you out to play sometime, but don't let Janie bother me anymore, okay?" "Uh. " Emmeline said, "Forget it. Don't talk about it on the phone. You ask the chauffeur to pick me up, and we'll talk about it later. " "Okay then. " Benjamin ended the call. He was looking forward to Emmeline's arrival and wanted to see her lovely smiling face. Her smile can make him in a good mood. But he was afraid that Emmeline would match Janie for him again

"I'll ask Waylon later!" Benjamin said, "Did Adam doubt you anymore?" "He recognized the same needle I was using that night as Waylon's, so he suspected I had something to do with the Adelmar family. " "That was why you asked me to put all kinds of needles on the eBay store?" "That's right!" Emmeline's eyes blinked. "Otherwise, how can I divert Adam's suspicion?" Emmeline's look amused Benjamin

. He asked, "What happened after that?" "Later, Adam saw eBay selling it, so he gave up asking me! Hahaha, that's funny!" Benjamin laughed too. He did not expect Adam to be so easy to fool. He got up and walked over, then patted Emmeline's forehead pampering. "How dare to use this crazy idea? Don't you know who Adam is?" Emmeline pouted. "Don't worry! Adam doesn't have the eBay app on his phone. He doesn't use that thing. He won't suspect me again after seeing those needles for sale. " "But Adam is cunning and ruthless. Even though you can fool him this time, you may fail next time. So, without my permission, you must never meet Adam alone again. " Emmeline knew Benjamin was worried about her, so she nodded and replied, "Got it, you're so nagging!" "By the way, what about your recent medical research?" Benjamin asked her. Emmeline did not want to talk about medicine but about Janie instead. Just as she was about to speak, the intercom phone on the desk rang