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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 201

Benjamin sat on the edge of the executive desk and reached for the phone. The secretary said, "Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Louise is looking for you. " Mr. Louise? "Is it Maxwell Louise from Louise Corporation?" "Yes, Mr. Benjamin. That's him. " Benjamin turned to Emmeline, covered the phone receiver, and whispered to Emmeline, "Your dad is here. " "My dad?" Emmeline thought, then nodded, "Let him in. " "Go to the inner room and stay for a while. " Benjamin pointed to his lounge. Emmeline went to the lounge while taking her cup of coffee. After ending the call, the secretary invited Maxwell into the CEO's office. After all, it was Emmeline's father. Benjamin got up to greet him and pour him a glass of water. Maxwell sat on the sofa and said stiffly, "Mr. Benjamin, I come here without an appointment. I apologize. " "That's fine. " "I'm sure you know why I come. " Maxwell's expression was a little bitter. Of course, Benjamin knew that. Since Maxwell dismissed Ethan from Louise Corporation, Adelmar Group had stopped all cooperation with Maxwell. Moreover, several companies cooperating with Louise Corporation also canceled their orders in response. That made Louise Corporation's business go downhill and difficult. As a result, Maxwell got a sudden cerebral infarction because of that matter

He lowered his head. "But I fired Ethan and left him at a loss. " Benjamin replied, "Those were in the past

. After all, he is your son. Mr. Ethan won't hold grudges. " Maxwell nodded. "Okay, I also want to have a good relationship with my son. After all, I'm old, and the Louise family will have to count on Ethan in the future. " Emmeline's cough came from the lounge again. "Pardon me. " Benjamin got up again and went over. Maxwell watched Benjamin go to the lounge with some doubts. Why does it sound like there's a woman in it? And it sounds like Emma? Benjamin entered the lounge, closed the door, and asked, "Emma, ​​what do you want me to tell him?" Emmeline's eyes turned red. "Tell him the Louise family has to rely on Ethan instead of Alondra. Remind him to visit my mom's cemetery. " Benjamin was silent, then nodded. "Got it. " Coming out of the lounge, Maxwell looked at Benjamin with some scrutiny. He wanted to see something from Benjamin's expression, but Benjamin remained calm. "Mr. Louise, what you said is right. Ethan is your only son. When you grow old, you can only rely on him. " Maxwell nodded. "Yes, you're right! It was me who did everything wrong before. "