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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 202

"You could see it. When you were ill, it was your son taking care of you. He's the one you can count on in the future," Benjamin continued. Maxwell nodded again. "That's right. Only my son and daughter care and are nervous about me. If Emma didn't cure me, I would probably be paralyzed. " As he spoke, his eyes turned red. "If I'm paralyzed, Alondra must run away with the money! She won't serve me!" Benjamin sighed. "Even though Mrs. Louise passed away early, remember the past and visit her cemetery. I believe Ethan and Emmeline will be grateful to you. " "You're right. " Maxwell stood up. "I was wrong before, but I won't do that anymore. " "That's good. You go back first. I'll ask Mr. Ethan to bring the project to you. " "Thank you, Mr. Benjamin!" Maxwell left contentedly. Emmeline came out wiping tears. Looking at her reddish eyes, Benjamin felt amused and distressed. He took a tissue to help her wipe away her tears. Emmeline said, "Ever since Mom passed away and Alondra came in, Dad never took me and Ethan seriously

"I just don't want you to eat restaurant food. You have a bad stomach and are skinny. " "I told you I don't need it! I can settle the meals myself

. I don't need you to make it for me!" "But I've already prepared for it. It's according to your taste. " "Take it away!" Benjamin said coldly. Janie did not know how to react. Many people watched her from behind. "What's wrong?" Emmeline came out of the office. Janie saw the pretty Emmeline in a white dress. Janie was stunned at first, then felt envious of Emmeline's charm. I believe no man can resist her temptation. Emma came out of Mr. Benjamin's office. But as I know, the CEO's office isn't accessible to anyone, especially women. "Emma, ​​you're here. " Janie was puzzled. Emmeline was a little embarrassed and nodded. "Yes. " "But. " Janie took off the helmet and stared at Emmeline. "Aren't you Mr. Benjamin's cousin? Why do I feel that you two are very close? And you seem to be with Mr. Benjamin at any time. "