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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 203

Emmeline had no idea how to explain to Janie. "Mr. Benjamin. " Janie suddenly burst into tears and asked chokingly, "I understand now. You don't accept me because you like your cousin, right?" Benjamin was speechless. Janie looked at Emmeline again. "Emma, ​​I thought you were my best friend. It turned out you were lying to me!" Janie threw the lunch box and flowers on the ground. Then, she turned and ran away. Emmeline and Benjamin were dumbfounded on the spot. Emmeline would order Benjamin to chase Janie if they were on the main road. But now, they were in the building of Adelmar Group. Benjamin was the highest leader of the Adelmar Group, so she could not order him to go after Janie. However, she did not want to break Janie's heart. Few girls dared to love so boldly these days. That was why she wanted to help Janie. "I'm leaving first," Emmeline said unhappily to Benjamin. Since I can't order Benjamin to go after Janie, I'll go after Janie myself. "I'll send you off," Benjamin said. "No need. " Emmeline shook her head. "I'll go down with the CEO's private elevator

Their relationship was pure. "Emma, ​​are you listening?" Janie could not hear Emmeline's voice. Emmeline answered, "Janie, let's meet and talk

. I can't make it clear on the phone. " Janie responded happily, "Okay, I'll treat you to coffee!" Emmeline said, "Let's not drink coffee. I always drink it. " "That's right. How about tea?" "Okay. Which tea room shall we go to?" "The one opposite the Adelmar Group on the north side. " Emmeline looked across from Adelmar Group. There was an antique building, which obstructed her sight, but Emmeline remembered a tea room behind it. "I just got off the building. I'll wait for you on the opposite side. " Janie answered, "Okay! I just arrived at the intersection. I'll turn around ahead. " After about ten minutes, Janie parked the car and entered the tea room. As Janie still wore the delivery man's costume, the waiter thought she was delivering food. "I came to meet my friend," Janie explained hastily. "Janie, I'm here. " Emmeline stood up and waved to Janie. Janie hurried over and sat opposite Emmeline