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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 207

Abel frowned and ordered, "Luca, go ask the security to drive those people out. " "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca hastily carried out the order. Half an hour later, Alana was out of the emergency room. Lying on the pushed hospital bed, she smiled weakly at Abel. Abel frowned, then felt Timothy's hand shrink in his palm. He knew that seeing Alana like this made Timothy feel bad too. Alana lay back on the hospital bed in the ward, and Quentin pulled the quilt over her. Then, he turned around and said to Abel, "Mr. Abel, it's lucky that Ms. Lane is in the hospital, and we can give her treatment in time, or it would be dangerous. Fortunately, Ms. Lane is fine now. " Abel nodded. "Thank you, you've worked hard. " "You're welcome. " Quentin put his hands in his pockets and hurried away. He cooperated with Alana and the entertainment reporters to act when Abel came. But Quentin felt uneasy and dared not face the keen Abel. It was better to leave as soon as possible. Alana said weakly, "Abel, Timmy, I'm so glad to see you two. " Timothy pouted and said timidly, "You have to listen to the doctor's advice and treat well to recover

" Alana grabbed his hand. "But Abel, you have nothing to do with Emmeline, right? I didn't explain wrongly to the entertainment reporters, did I?" Abel frowned and nodded. Alana was happy, then said softly, "I'm relieved now

. I was afraid I might say something wrong. " She took Timothy's hand and asked, "Timmy, have you listened to Granny during this time? Are you happy in kindergarten?" Timothy hung his head and answered her question mechanically. Alana sat up from the hospital bed and put her arms around Timothy's shoulders. Timothy flinched, then got off her hug. Alana whimpered. "Abel, I knew it. Timmy separated from me a few years and didn't close to me. Well, that's fine. After we get married and live together, I must make it up to Timmy. " Abel did not speak, but Timothy stared at Alana gloomily. "Will you and Daddy get married?" "Of course!" Alana stroked Timothy's head with a gentle smile. "We're going to get engaged soon, and of course, we'll get married afterward. We'll live together, and I can care for you. " "But I don't want it!" Tears welled up in Timothy's eyes. "I don't want you to be my mommy! You don't deserve it! You're not my mommy! I don't like you!" Alana's expression turned cold. "Timothy, don't say nonsense. " "I said you're not my mommy! I hate you!" Abel scolded, "Timmy, don't mess around!" "I hate you too!" Timothy yelled at Abel, "You lied to me! You're going to marry Alana. Why did you lie to me? I'll never trust you again!" Timothy burst into tears and ran away crying