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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 209

"I don't know. " Timothy continued crying in Kendra's arms. "You should go to your mother. No mother would be cruel enough to abandon a child. " "But. " Timothy thought of Emmeline and shook his head. "Mommy will send me to Daddy again, and everything will be the same. " "Then, what do you do? It's getting late now. " "I don't know. " Kendra suggested, "Maybe you can go home with me first. After you think about it, I'll help you make a call. You can choose to find your father or mother, okay?" Timothy thought for a while, then nodded. "Okay. " I don't know where to go anyway. Just listen to this auntie first. "Okay, come with me. " Kendra crossed the zebra crossing with Timothy and her baby. After turning several corners, Timothy followed Kendra to a tree-lined road. "Auntie, aren't we arrived yet?" Timothy could barely move. He followed Kendra while clutching the baby carriage and had already walked a lot. He was full of sweat, and he was gasping. "I'm so sorry. " Kendra stroked Timothy's head. "I don't have much money, so I can't take a taxi

"But I haven't bought the baby's milk powder. I don't have enough money. " "Hmph!" Kendra's mother-in-law, Ella Bradley, rushed from the bedroom

. "My son gives you so much money every month! What do you use it for? I only want some supplements. How come you can't buy milk powder? You just dislike me for spending money! I can spend it on whatever I like! That's my son's money, not yours! It's useless for you to complain!" Kendra lowered her head, and tears of grievance filled her eyes. Just as Ella wanted to continue nagging, she suddenly saw Timothy behind Kendra. "Whose child is this?" Ella raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is he your relative? I warn you! We don't have extra meals and can't afford to support idlers!" "He's not my relative. " Kendra hugged her daughter in one hand and pulled Timothy with the other. "I picked him up on the roadside. He couldn't find his family, so I brought him back. " "You picked him up?" Ella was surprised. "Nobody wants such a cute child?" Kendra answered, "How could nobody want him? I'll ask for his family's phone number later and send him back. His family must be worried about him. " Ella looked at the cute Timothy, then pondered. She squatted down and asked, "Little boy, tell me, how old are you? What's your name?" When Timothy looked at Ella, he felt she was not good. He pouted and did not speak. "Is he stupid?" Ella frowned. "I asked him questions. Why didn't he understand?" Kendra responded, "He's not stupid. He talked to me on the road just now. He's good. " "Then, why is he ignoring me?" Ella became gloomy