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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 213

Abel took a few steps back, then said bitterly, "Emma, ​​I'm also sad. I didn't expect this to happen. " "You must have broken Timmy's heart, right?" Abel nodded. "Timmy doesn't want Alana to be his mother. " Emmeline was stunned. She knew Timothy had always wished that she was his mother. But how was that possible? Things were already preordained. "But Emma. " Abel held Emmeline's shoulder. "Why did you and Alana react so differently to Timothy's disappearance?" Emmeline pushed him away, then scolded angrily, "You still have time to think about this thing? Hurry to find Timmy!" Abel nodded. "Yes, let's go find him quickly. " Helios said, "Mommy, I want to find him too. " "Me too. " "Me either!" Endymion and Hesperus were also eager to find Timothy. Emmeline said, "You all wait at home. Maybe Timothy will come. If he comes, you all have to make him stay!" The triplets nodded together. "Got it!" Emmeline dragged Abel downstairs and rushed out of the cafe. After Sam heard the conversation between Emmeline and Abel, she called Benjamin. "Abel's son ran away? It's dangerous for a kid outside alone," Benjamin said. "Ms. Louise followed Abel to look for Timothy," Sam said, "Mr. Benjamin, we must help them. Not for Abel but for Ms. Louise

Timothy's lonely figure made Abel's heart tighten. Abel secretly prayed that nothing happened to Timothy. Emmeline said, "Send me the video

. I'll take a look. " "But there's no WhatsApp between us. " Upon hearing that, Emmeline was pissed off. It was he who deleted her WhatsApp. Abel handed her the phone. "Let's add WhatsApp again. Then, release my phone number from the blacklist. It's more convenient to contact. " Emmeline turned to look out of the car window. She looked sad and remained silent. "If you're unhappy, delete my WhatsApp after we find Timothy. " "I'm not that mean," Emmeline murmured. Abel looked at the traffic ahead and said softly, "I was wrong last time. Emma, ​​I apologize. " Emmeline did not say anything and silently took his phone. Finding Timothy was the most important thing right now. So she could ignore everything else. She scanned the QR code and verified the WhatsApp. Then, she sent the video to her phone. After clicking on the video, Emmeline felt confused to see it