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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 215

Kendra rubbed Timothy's head. "You won't understand. I'll help you take a bath, then go to bed early. I'll send you to your mother after I leave the part-time shift tomorrow. " "Okay, Auntie. Thank you. " Timothy looked at Kendra gratefully. Just then, there was a sound from the door. Timothy shuddered. He did not want to see the mean Ella. "Don't be afraid. " Kendra touched his face. "It's my husband. " Timothy nodded. "Kendra, where are you?" A drunk man's voice came from outside the bedroom. Kendra's expression changed, and she murmured with fear, "Why did he drink so much again?" "Auntie. " Timothy also tensed up. "Do you need my help?" "No need. " Kendra squatted and whispered to him, "Stay in the room. Don't go out. " Timothy nodded obediently, but he could see that Kendra's face was already pale

Suddenly, a leather shoe hit his head, and he felt pain. Henry covered his head and looked back in astonishment. He saw a little boy standing behind him

. The little boy was handsome with an extraordinary appearance. Henry could tell Timothy was not an ordinary child at first sight. But it was Timothy who hit him with a leather shoe. "Kendra!" Henry slapped Kendra hard, then turned around and grabbed Timothy. "No wonder you didn't serve me. You hid this brat!" While saying that, he was about to throw Timothy to the ground hard. "No!" Kendra knelt to Henry. "This child is homeless. I've temporarily taken him in. Don't hurt him!" "Homeless?" Henry narrowed his eyes. He looked at Timothy and asked, "Little brat, where are you from? Is your dad rich?" Timothy spat at him. "Bad guy! I won't tell you!" "How dare you scold me!" Henry raised his arms. "I'll throw you to death!" "No, please don't hurt him!" Kendra hugged Henry's leg. "Go away!" Henry kicked her away. "Auntie!" Timothy shouted, "Don't beg him! I'm not afraid!" "You little brat!" Henry grabbed Timothy and threw him viciously. "Timothy!" Kendra lunged and caught Timothy in the tight space. "Timothy, are you okay? You scared me!"