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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 217

Luca replied, "Everyone ignored the farther place. We only looked around here. " Abel nodded. "I didn't expect that either. " "Inspector Charles will give us results shortly. " Luca looked worried. "I just hope Timothy is still with that woman. " Emmeline and Abel were anxious again. It was not enough to find Kendra but also to confirm Timothy was safe. Timothy's identity was prominent. If someone targeted him, the consequences would be disastrous. But right now, Kendra was the only clue. The bodyguards got into the car again. Abel brought Emmeline, then started the car. Everyone went to the area beyond the intersection. There were several large communities gathered there. According to what Luca knew, the community here was relatively civilian, and even no monitoring facilities in some places. They had no idea where to go right now. Inspector Charles was still investigating. The lack of monitoring facilities brought difficulties to the investigation work. But Inspector Charles was already great to target this area in such a short time. Emmeline and Abel sat in the car and felt frustrated. The temperature dropped suddenly at night. Emmeline sneezed twice. Abel reached out distressed and held her in his arms

After lying down for a while, he fell into a deep sleep. At 6. 00 am, Kendra's alarm clock went off

. She got up quickly and washed up. She had to work part-time all morning. After washing, Kendra prepared two eggs and two slices of bread, then put them on Timothy's bedside. Although the breakfast was supposed to be cold when Timothy woke up, it was better than nothing. Kendra adjusted the quilt on Timothy, then pushed the baby carriage to Ella's room. She made a promise to Ella. She would work part-time, and Ella would care her daughter for half a day. The money she earned was shared with Ella in half. Even so, Kendra agreed with it. Although only a few dozen dollars left, she could save up to buy milk powder for her daughter. Kendra took the key and quietly went out. Henry was still asleep at this time. Suddenly, there were two light knocks on the door. Ella crept out of the room and opened the door. "Does Kendra leave?" The person who came was a middle-aged woman wearing a mask. She asked Ella furtively under her breath. "Yes. " Ella nodded. "Are you ready?" "I'm ready. Where's the kid?" The middle-aged woman poked her head and asked