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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 218

Ella pointed to the bedroom. "He's still sleeping inside. " The middle-aged woman whispered, "That's good. The car is waiting outside. " Ella grabbed the middle-aged woman's arm. "Remember to transfer me 40 thousand!" The middle-aged woman answered, "Yes, I'll transfer it later. " "That's good. " Ella nodded. They sneaked into the bedroom and saw Timothy lying on the bed. Timothy was cute and chubby, which could sell at a high price. The middle-aged woman would transfer Ella 40 thousand, while the other party promised to give her 60 thousand to 80 thousand. Seeing Timothy's appearance, the middle-aged woman guessed she could get 80 thousand successfully. She was pleased. "Hurry up!" Ella urged. The middle-aged woman pulled off the sheet and wrapped Timothy up. Timothy immediately woke up and wanted to scream, but Ella shoved a towel into his mouth. Timothy's eyes filled with horror. The middle-aged woman pulled the sheet over Timothy's head and carried him out. In a few minutes, Ella got bank card information which reminded her that she had received a transfer of 40 thousand dollars

Watching the police push Ella in, they followed suit. After entering the house, Emmeline saw Timothy's shoes. Although she did not see Timothy's shoes yesterday, they belonged to the same brand as her triplets, and Emmeline recognized them at a glance

. "Timmy is here!" Abel grabbed the shoes and yelled at Ella, "Where is my son? Where is he?" The police pinned Ella on the sofa and asked, "Where is that kid? Is he at your house?" "I. " Ella was tongue-tied. "A neighbor said that your daughter-in-law brought Timothy back. Where is he now?" "My daughter-in-law. " Ella yelled, "It's all her fault! Sir, she contacted the buyer and sold that kid!" Hearing that, Emmeline fainted on the ground. "Emma!" Abel hurried over to help her, only to see she had passed out. A policeman who knew first aid came to wake up Emmeline. Soon, Emmeline woke up and cried loudly. "My son!" Abel hugged her and said repeatedly, "Emma, ​​don't worry! We'll rescue Timmy! Calm down!" "You old witch!" Emmeline pushed Abel away and rushed over. She grabbed Ella and yelled, "Where is my son? Give my son back!" Ella was beaten crazily by Emmeline, and bloodstains were all over her face. "Don't kill me! Don't hit me! Sir, hold her!" "Give my son back!" Abel did not expect Emmeline to have such a crazy reaction. But it was so natural and heartbreaking. Her heart-piercing pain was not faked. Even if it were Alana, she would not react crazily like Emmeline. Seeing that Emmeline was about to hit Ella to death, the police pulled Emmeline away