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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 219

"Ah! My son! Return my son! Timmy. " Emmeline nearly collapsed. She did not know that Timothy was her real son. She only knew that she was dying of grief right now. "Emma. " Abel pulled Emmeline over and comforted her, "Calm down. The police are here. We'll find Timmy. " Emmeline burst into tears in Abel's arms. "She sold Timmy! Don't you know how terrible traffickers are? Timmy!" How could Abel know nothing about traffickers? But at this moment, he could only comfort Emmeline and prevent her from collapsing again. Meanwhile, the police brought Kendra back. Kendra's face was pale. When the police found her, she knew what had happened. As soon as she entered, she asked Ella, "Mom, where's Timothy?" Ella patted her thigh while shouting, "How dare you ask me? Didn't you bring him back and find someone to sell him?" "What did you say?" Kendra rushed over and grabbed Ella. She shouted, "I told you not to do anything to that child! I promised to send him home today. Why did you do such a wicked thing again?" The police said, "Enough! We'll take you two for interrogation to get clues!" Kendra burst into tears. "Mom, tell the police who bought Timothy before it's too late!" Ella panicked now. She hurriedly gave the middle-aged woman's phone number to the police. The police dialed it, but it showed that the number had been turned off. "Where are they from? Where are they going?" The policeman asked Ella

She worried the traffickers would hurt or abuse Timothy. Thinking of what was reported in the media, those disabled children were bought by traffickers. They were intentionally maimed and begged on the street to earn money for traffickers

. Emmeline felt her heart was broken, and the pain made her tremble. "Timmy. " Emmeline cried helplessly again. Abel took her in his arms. "Emma, ​​don't be afraid. We'll find Timothy, don't worry. " Abel also felt pain in his heart. He could not imagine the cruelty of the traffickers. He felt his heart was so painful that he could not breathe. But he was a man and had to keep calm. Emmeline wished she could replace Timothy to suffer. She completely forgot that Timothy was Alana's child. The pain of her heart made her consciousness blur. "Timmy. " Meanwhile, Alana called Adam