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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 223

“No, I’m not. I told the police about it. They are collecting evidence now. They will not release me so soon if I’m a child trafficker. ” Kendra said anxiously. “I believe her. The police are not simply doing their job,” Abel said. Alana turned sideways angrily. “Mr. Abel, where’s Timothy? Did he get hurt?” Kendra asked. “He’s sleeping in the car. He wanted to meet you and said thank you. I’ll say it in his place. Let’s not wake him up. ” “Timothy is a nice boy. When I was quarreling with my husband, he protected me. He also took care of the baby for me. ” Kendra said with a hoarse voice. “How sentimental. ” Alana mocked. “I’ve seen so many women like you. ” “Mr. Abel, may I know who this is?” Kendra asked Abel confusingly. “I’m Timothy’s mother!” Alana couldn’t stand any woman who looked good talking to Abel. Kendra was one of them as she was quite pretty

Timothy was awake once Abel covered him with blankets. He cried when he realized he was back home. “I want to meet Auntie Kendra! I haven’t met her yet! I don’t want to go home

. ” “Timmy,” Abel held his hand and comforted him, “I’ve met her. Nothing happened to her. She went back with her baby. ” “Is it true?” “When did Daddy ever lie to you?” “Could you bring me to meet her when you’re free someday?” “Sure. ” Abel nodded. “We need to bring a lot of milk for the baby too. ” “Why?” Abel asked puzzledly. “The poor baby doesn’t drink milk. Auntie Kendra cooked watery congee for her. The granny took away all of her money too. I want to help out Auntie Kendra and her child. ” Rosaline heard and sniffled, “Poor lady. We’ll listen to Timmy and send her more milk powder. ” “Thanks, granny. ” “Alright. Daddy also promises you. ” “Okay! Don’t break your promise!” Timothy was still a bit uneasy. “Yes. I won’t. ” Abel kissed Timothy’s forehead. “Then, can we bring Mommy Emmeline together with us?” Abel kept quiet