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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 224

When they found Timothy, Abel rushed to hug him agitatedly. Alana was beside them. Amid chaos, Abel caught a glimpse of Emmeline who couldn't stand straight looking very pale. She was in Benjamin’s arms staring back at the three of them hopelessly. --- Abel knew he hurt Emmeline. “Is it okay, Daddy?” Timothy asked. “Hmm. As long as Emmeline agrees to it, we will bring her. ” “Thanks, Daddy. ” “And also…” Abel wanted to say Emmeline searched for him throughout the night but he didn’t. He felt that it was not a good thing if Timothy relied on Emmeline too much. Abel went to the cafe after he comforted Timothy. He didn’t know how to comfort Emmeline, he just wanted to stay by her side and embraced her quietly. Words couldn’t describe their relationship. However, Benjamin was still accompanying Emmeline. She looked pale while she was asleep and there were tears in the corner of her eyes. When Benjamin saw Abel enter the cafe, he dragged him to the platform and punched him. Abel was unable to dodge the hit and he felt a sting. He never thought that Benjamin was so powerful. Another punch almost landed on his face before he blocked it with his hands. “You still have the guts to come here?” Benjamin asked furiously. “I know I’m at fault

There are a hundred people with this name. ” That’s true. It’s a common name

. Abel thought. “I’ll go take a look at Emma. ” Abel turned to the stairs. “She cried herself to sleep. ” Benjamin smiled bitterly as he asked, “I don’t understand. Emma treated your child with Alana like her own. What magic did you cast on her?” “I’m curious about her reaction too. I could see her pain. Maybe, she is more fit to be a mother. ” “Abel, since you’re going to engage with Alana, please don’t bother Emma anymore. You want her to be happy instead of suffering every day right?” “I said give me some time. I will take care of everything. ” “I don’t believe you. There’s Alana and Adrien in between both of you. It could be easy if you're not from the Ryker family. Don’t you think it’s tricky?” It's trickier than usual. Abel thought. “Your relationship with Emmeline is a mistake. Listen to me and leave her alone