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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 225

“Benjamin, I don’t need you meddling with the business between me and Abel. ” A clear voice was heard. They saw Emmeline standing there with tears flowing down her face. “Emma…” Abel and Benjamin were stunned. Emmeline looked fragile and determined at the same time. “I’m okay now. Both of you, please leave. ” Abel kept quiet. “Emma, wake up! Don’t be silly. ” Benjamin said. “I said that’s my business!” Emmeline cried. She missed Timothy very much. She wouldn’t listen to anyone including herself. This is weird. Abel stepped forward to hold her hands when he saw her tremble. She turned around and dodged. “Please leave. Don’t bother me. ” She left and the two men looked at each other in dismay. “Mr. Benjamin, just as she said. We will solve our problems by ourselves. Please don’t meddle in our business. ” Don’t meddle? What would I tell Master Adelmar if anything happened to Emma? “Lastly, Mr

“Divorced? It has only been one day. ” Emmeline was shocked. “This should happen earlier

. Marrying a peasant would be better than marrying him. ” “Do you know where she went?” Abel asked. He felt unpleasant as he thought of the baby. He thought of donating some money to help her get through. The neighbor shook his head, “I don’t know. I only knew she was from the villages. ” “Which village?” Emmeline asked. “It’s… the Brookwater Village. ” Emmeline frowned. Brookwater Village? That’s a remote village. She made a living there when was kicked out by the Louise family until she gave birth to the triplets and met Robert. Emmeline politely thanked the neighbor. Timothy pouted after the neighbor closed the door. He was upset. “How could Auntie Kendra leave just like that?” “Maybe she wanted to leave this family badly, but it was rushed. ” “Let’s go. We’ll discuss the village later,” Abel said. Emmeline agreed as they couldn’t do anything about it. “Let’s go home. ” Timothy agreed too