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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 226

Abel carried Timothy in one hand and carried the things they had bought for Kendra with another hand. When they were in the car, Timothy was hugging Emmeline as he sat on her lap. Emmeline was glad to hold him in her arms too. She subconsciously smiled as she felt comforted by him. Abel smiled too when he saw both of them through the mirror, they looked like his family. This felt great. “Mommy Emmeline, can I stay with you?” Timothy asked cutely. “No, dear. ” Emmeline shook her head. “Why?” “Granny wants Timmy by her side. What happened that day made her worried sick. ” Emmeline explained without mentioning Alana. “You’re not worried about me then?” “No, I almost went crazy because of you. ” Timothy kissed her on the cheeks and hugged her tightly. “Timmy too. When they took me away, all I’d ever called was Mommy Emmeline

You might get it back up very soon. ” Adrien kept quiet. “You wouldn’t want to see Emmeline dating Abel or Benjamin after you got it back, right?” Adam added

. “No. I don’t want to. ” “You’re such a coward! I would have gone for her if you’re not interested. ” “Adam! You’re interested in Emma too? How could you?” “She’s pretty, charismatic, and smart. The only one who wouldn’t be interested in her is a blind person. Of course, a normal guy like me will be attracted to her!” “I’m warning you. Emma is mine and she’s the mother of my 3 children. She’s your sister-in-law. Don’t you dare have any dirty thoughts about her!” “So? What are you waiting for?” Adam raised his leg to kick Adrien. Adrien quickly grabbed his car keys and left. Sam didn’t tell Adrien where Emmeline went. So, he ordered a cup of coffee and waited for her. When he saw Emmeline come back, he was happy but he didn’t have the guts to speak