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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 227

Emmeline was sitting opposite Adrien. Her demeanor made him shrink a little. Sam served Emmeline hot coffee. Emmeline felt sympathetic for Adrien when she saw him looking very dull. Serves him right for simply taking all sorts of medication, it could bring harm to his health. Don’t let anything bad happen to him, he’s still the dad of the triplets. Emmeline took out a needle from her bag and placed it in between her fingers. “Adrien, why aren’t you talking to me? Are you mute?” She hit him lightly. “I…” “What? Aren’t you a talkative guy? Cat got your tongue today?” She hit him again. “No…” “Man up! Spit it!” She hit him the final time. Adrien felt a tingle when she hit him and it felt good. Aww… Emmeline hit me with her delicate fist. Once he thought of that, he felt hot and something “woke up”. “Emma! I’m fully a man again. I got it back up!” Adrien jumped up from his seat

“Where’s Emma?” Adrien asked. “You should announce your joyful news at home. Emma went to the studio to do her stunts,” Sam said

. “I’m so happy about it and she’s not here?” “She’s not here,” Sam replied curtly. Emmeline knew that Adrien would definitely bring her his medical report once he knew he got it back up. She went out for her stunt double job to avoid him. Adrien’s happy look was seen clearly by Benjamin in the opposite parking lot. The person that Emma is in love with is Abel but her triplets’ father is Adrien. He couldn’t get her even when he was the closest to her. Why didn’t he ask Mr. Adelmar for Emmeline when they were both by his side daily a few years back? Benjamin regretted it deeply. It was raining and the sky was gray like Benjamin’s mood. He wanted to find a place to drink and his phone rang at the same time. He answered the phone without looking at the caller