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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 229

Adrien arrived at Section C of the Imperial Palace alone. Section C had special services and the hostesses were all beauties. Adrien was the VIP of Section C. He came here to prove that he got it back up. Although the doctors declared him recovered, he still couldn’t believe it until he got into action himself. If he couldn’t perform well like how he did previously, he couldn’t feel at ease. What if I suddenly fail when I’m with Emmeline? Adrien thought although he knew it wouldn’t happen between the both of them. He even thought of being loyal to Emmeline and being a great husband and dad. He wants people to be jealous of him, especially Abel. Adrien walked towards his private room preparing to ask for two hostesses to serve him. However, the back of his collar was lifted by someone. “Who is that? How dare you…” Adrien shouted. He hadn’t finished his sentence and he was being pressed against the wall. He looked up and saw Adam

What can I do to let her accept me?” Adrien asked bitterly. “There are lots of ways. Why don’t you pull a ‘save a damsel in distress and she married you in exchange’? Classic

. ” “Saving a damsel in distress? Tell me how?” Adam thought of it for a little and whispered to Adrien. Adrien agreed to his plan as it was better than what he planned to do. Emmeline wouldn’t want to look him in the eyes with what he was doing currently. “Should we proceed with my plan? She should be going back by now. ” Adrien said while he looked at the watch. “Alright. I’ll order them to prepare for it now. ” “Thanks a lot, Adam. ” “No worries. ” “Please don’t scare the kids and don’t hit Emmeline directly. It would be a failure if that happens,” Adrien reminded