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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 230

“I know what to do. ” Adam patted Adrien’s shoulder. “Your sons are my nephews; your wife is my wife. Oops… my sister-in-law…” Adrien was speechless. Adam continued, “I wouldn’t want them to get hurt and frightened too. Don’t worry. Your brother got it. ” “Alright. I’ll leave it to you. ” Adrien nodded. Adam called his assistant instantly to give instructions. Then, he turned to Adrien, “You will enter after they all went in. ” “No problem. I will enter during the climax. ” “One of my men will beg you to spare his life. The scene will enhance your heroic image. ” Adrien smiled when he thought of the scene later. He could already see the bandits being beaten by him and Emma secured in his embrace

Their café must be doing very badly. Our café had less than 10 customers in a day and they were their customers. Will there be anyone in their café now? “Let’s not talk crap

. Smash it!” The man lifted his fist. “Wait!” Daisy yelled from upstairs. “It’s still in broad daylight now. ” “Shut up, nanny! Move aside!” The men started smashing again. Emmeline hurriedly closed the entrance of the café. The men were stunned. Why are you closing the door? You should rush out now! Close the doors and we’ll beat them up! Daisy and Sam were already fighting with the men. The windows of the café were tinted. The view was clear when people looked out from the inside. The brothers were sitting in the car and smoking cigars. “Let them be for a while. You will rush in when the time is right. ” Adam said while he took a deep puff. “No worries. As long as your men can act, I can beat all of them down!” Adrien rubbed his fist