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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 231

“Good. ” Adam nodded as he was satisfied with his plans. The men in the café were throwing chairs around and hitting everything in sight. Sam, Daisy, and Emma were not weak girls. They had brought the men down in moments. It was a mess and they were groaning on the floor. They were shocked as they never thought the 3 girls could be so powerful. Mr. Ryker didn’t tell us about it! “It’s almost time. Let’s go!” Adam instructed. Adrien rushed through the rain and pushed the door when he reached the café. The door didn’t open like usual. He was rebounded by the force he used to push through the door

Thanks, anyway!” “Is there anything that I could do for you?” “Nothing. I’m going to pick up the kids now. You can leave now, you know the triplets don't want to see you

. ” Emmeline walked past him after she took her keys and umbrella. Adrien took out the medical report, “Emma, I’ve recovered!” “What is there to do with me? It’s none of my business!” “But Emma…” he wanted to say ‘now I can court you. ’ However, Emmeline already left. Adrien looked at the men on the floor, he could only pretend he didn’t know them. He even kicked everyone. “How dare you disturb my woman. Go!” The men left hurriedly. Adrien ran back to his brother through the rain