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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 232

Adam answered the call from his men in the car. “Mr. Adam, the three girls were too powerful. We couldn’t beat them. ” “Bullsh*t, how can tough men like you guys lose to them?” “Didn’t you instruct not to hurt them?” “Get lost!” Adam remembered his instructions to smash the furniture and not to hurt anyone. So, the men could only get beaten by the girls but they were too harsh. He knew Emmeline could fight but not this powerful. He was surprised the waitress and nanny were so good at martial arts. Were women hidden masters nowadays? Adam knew his plan had gone wrong when he saw Adrien coming back to the car scowling miserably. “Don’t scowl! It’ll bring negative energy!” Adrien said. “Saving a damsel in distress my foot! They were all beaten by 3 girls. ” “I told them not to hurt anyone. You and I would be heartbroken if Emmeline was hurt. ” “Why would you be heartbroken, Adam?” Adrien asked. “There’s no special meaning to it. Emmeline is my sister-in-law, right?” “Now what? Emmeline is fine. I should have looked into the horoscopes before I did this. ” Adrien pouted

Benjamin, don't I look good?” “You do. ” Benjamin’s eyes were locked on the wine glass. “But why did you just take a few glances at me?” Janie fluttered her long eyelashes

. “No matter how good-looking you are, you’re not the one I like. A few glances are enough. ” “Do you like Emmeline?” Janie asked tentatively as she leaned toward Benjamin. He kept quiet. “According to my observation all this while, you like her without a doubt,” Janie continued. Tao Yuan tilted his head, closed his eyes, and drank the whole glass of wine. Janie’s heart dropped. Benjamin was clearly holding back his tears. Janie was no longer smiling and she looked down. “Mr. Benjamin, can you tell me the story of you and Emmeline?” She asked after a long silence “We've been together for three years. ” “Three years? That was long. ” Janie was startled