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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 233

“Hm, I saw her grow up to be a mature woman now for these three years,” said Benjamin. “You really love her, don’t you?” asked Janie gloomily. “That’s right. She’s my soul, my mind, and my heart, but she’s not mine. ” Janie was surprised. She never thought that Benjamin loved Emmeline so deeply. She understood now, even if Benjamin dated her, she would never get his love. All of them belonged to Emmeline. Benjamin smiled bitterly when he saw Janie’s expression, “Now you know it, do you still want to date me?” Tears fell from Janie’s eyes. “I know I’m not as good as Emmeline, but…” she wiped her tears and continued, “You’ll be my soul, mind ,and heart now. It doesn't matter if we dated or not. ” “Silly girl. ” When the both of them left the Imperial Palace, Benjamin was already tipsy. He called his driver to send them back. After Janie got out of the car, she got in a cab and went to Emmeline’s cafe. The cafe looked tidy without traces of a fight. Emmeline and the triplets had their dinner

Adrien? You had three such lovely children with him. " Emmeline didn't want to answer either. Janie thought she was angry and immediately said, "I don't mean anything else, I just want to say

. How come you’re not interested in Mr. Benjamin but had children with Mr. Adrien?" Emmeline understood what she meant. Benjamin must have told her something. "Don't you think that it’s too difficult for Mr. Benjamin to love you?" Janie looked at Emmeline with dismay as she stood up for Benjamin. Emmeline laughed and said, "Would you be happy if I fell for him?” "Of course not!" Janie was startled, "I know you won't fall in love with Mr. Benjamin, that's why I dare to say that. " "So, put away your petty thoughts and pursue Benjamin all you want. Don’t let him run off with another woman," Emmeline teased her. "I'm not worried at all. You're the only one who has this ability in this world. " Emmeline froze