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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 234

She knew that Benjamin held deep feelings for herself, but she didn’t know to what extent. Janie's words made her understand somehow. "Emma, the man that you love, could it be Mr. Adrien?" Janie looked into Emmeline's eyes and asked. Emmeline lost her smile, “What? No way. ” "But you had children with him. " "That was just an accident. " "Then you will marry Mr. Adrien?" Emmeline shook her head. "Then what about your kids? They wouldn't be able to stay with their father. " Emmeline's heart sank. This was a question that she hadn't really thought about. Abel would marry Alana. Would she sacrifice for the triplets? Will she feel sorry for the kids? "Ms. Janie, the noodles are ready," Bayun said from the stairs. Janie ran down leaving Emmeline alone in the cold air to think. The next day, Emmeline went to the studios again. There were many action scenes recently. The crew had to catch up and Emmeline doesn’t want to hold back Mr. Faughn

If I’m always involved, there won’t be much improvement. It would be better if we had less interaction too. ” Once these words came out, Abel’s face looked pale

. "Emma…” "I saw the news that you are preparing to get engaged to Alana. You guys are a family and she’s the mother of Timmy. ” "Emmeline, are Adrien and you a family too? He is the father of your three children!" Abel snorted. "I will consider it that way in the right situation," Emmeline said. Abel reached out and hoisted her into his arms dominantly. "Say that again! You are considering Adrien?” “He’s the father of the triplets. He would be the best for me as long as I don’t consider you anymore!” "You've already given up on me?" Abel stared at Emmeline. "I don't want to interfere with your relationship with Alana, that would be an insult to me!" "Our relationship doesn’t exist! Alana is not my wife!” Abel said angrily. "She is the mother of your son!" Emmeline huffed, "And I don't want to ruin that bond!” “Are you saying that it’s a sin for me to ruin the bond between Adrien and the triplets?” Isn’t it? Emmeline thought. “Fine. I’ll fulfill your wishes! I’ve never thought that you were such a woman. ” Abel pushed her away. Abel got in his car and instructed the driver to leave. The Rolls Royce turned around in front of Emmeline and left. Emmeline's tears fell. Abel said she was such a woman. What kind of woman is she?