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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 235

Emmeline wiped her tears and took out her phone to text Timothy. She encouraged Timothy to take his medication and shots to get well soon. However, she deleted the message. She felt that it’s better for Alana to do it. She didn’t want to interfere as it would affect the relationship between the mother and son. He wouldn’t know the consequences now as he was still young. When Emmeline left, Adrien laughed hiding in the corner. He quickly made a phone call to Adam. “Guess what, Adam!” “What? You sound happy!” Adam mocked him. “I think your plan of ‘saving the damsel in distress’ works! Emmeline’s is inclining towards me. ” “What are you talking about?” There were moaning sounds from the other side of the phone and Adam sounded annoyed. Adrien was stunned and an image formed in his head. His brother is… Whatever. He’s also a man. “I saw Emmeline reject Abel just now and he left feeling upset. ” Adrien continued the conversation

Abel had no idea that the two brothers of his eldest uncle's family would mess with him again. He was already troubled by his son’s situation. "Where is Mommy Emmeline? Why didn't she come along?" Timothy was lying on the children's bed pouting unhappily

. "Erm…” Abel began to coax his son, "Mommy Emmeline is busy in the Film Set, she’s not free for the past two days. " "Then I'm not going to take the medicine," Timothy's eyes were tearful, "I'll take the medicine when Mommy Emmeline visits me. " “She told me when she visits one day, she will take you to the children’s playground. How can you go with the triplets if you’re sick?” Abel touched his son's little cheeks Timothy blinked and thought about it, and said to himself, "That's right, when I catch a cold, it will infect the sun, the moon, and the stars. " "Right, so you have to hurry up and get better, otherwise you will infect the sun, moon and stars with your cold. Won't that be more trouble?" Timothy thought about it again and said, "It's okay for me to take medicine, but Daddy has to promise me one thing. " "As long as Timmy takes the medicine, Daddy will definitely grant you your request. " "I want to go to Auntie Kendra," Timothy's eyes were red, "Her baby is always starving. It upsets me when I think about it. ” Abel nodded and said, “Alright, when your cold gets better, I will take you to Brookwater Village and help you search for her. " "I want to go tomorrow," said Timothy, "I'll take my medicine now and I’ll be healthy tomorrow. ” "No problem," Abel tucked him in, "Daddy will get some water and feed you the medicine. "