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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 236

"I'd better do it," Rosaline said from the doorway. "You’re right. " Abel left the children's bedroom and went downstairs to search for Luca. "Mr. Abel," Luca stood respectfully next to the sofa. "Well," said Abel, "there’s a woman named Kendra. Go and check to see if she has returned to Brookwaters Village" "Yes, Mr. Abel. " "If she has gone back, find a way to get her address. I want to take Timothy there tomorrow. " "Yes, Mr. Abel. " "Also," said Abel, "Go and withdraw Ten thousand dollars of cash. Give it to Kendra when you meet her. ” Luca went out for his task. Ryker’s network system was well-connected, so it was not difficult to find someone in the village. The next day, Timothy's cold was much better. Luca also found out about Kendra's residence in Brookwaters Village. Abel brought the stuff that they bought previously and started their journey to Brookwaters Village. More than two hours later, Abel's Mercedes SUV appeared in front of Kendra's house. Several other bodyguard cars stopped right by the road at the entrance of the village

"These are a lot of delicious milk powder, you can feed the baby with them. She doesn’t have to drink watery congee anymore. They don't taste good

. ” Kendra's tears fell and she choked up, "Thank you, Mr. Abel. " She invited the three of them into the house. After she put the baby into the cart, she began to make some tea. Abel surveyed the shabby house condition and asked, "Do you live alone?" "Yes," Kendra said, "When my parents died a few years ago. I got married in Struyria. This place has been more desolate than ever. " "You left Struyria in a hurry," said Abel, "We went to look for you, and the neighbors said you had already left. " Kendra said nothing and poured tea. After a few minutes, she tried to speak, "Mr. Abel, is the woman in the hospital gown your wife?” "No," Abel knew she was talking about Alana. "But she said she is Timothy’s mother. " "She just had my child by accident," Abel replied, "We are not married. " "What about Emmeline?" Kendra asked, "Timothy said that she was his mother. " "That's his nonsense," Abel said, "His mother is Alana in the hospital gown. " Kendra seemed to think about something, and added, "Does Emmeline have a child?" Her questions annoyed Abel, but he still answered her, "She had triplets. " "Bam!" The teapot in Kendra's hand fell to the ground, spilling hot water all over the floor