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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 238

There was no one else in the private room. The atmosphere was pleasant. The waiter brought in the menu. "Emma, see what you want to eat. Order anything you want, it’s Daddy’s treat today. " Maxwell looked at Emmeline. Emmeline was not shy either even though they were not as close compared to previous days. What was there to be shy with your father? Emmeline ordered two of her favorite foods. She knew what Ethan liked, so she even ordered what her brother wanted to eat. Then Maxwell ordered some food to his liking too. Meanwhile, Adrien came to the service counter in the lobby. The manager on duty hurriedly greeted him. "Mr. Adrien, you're here to eat?" "Well, I just saw two acquaintances go to the Golden Tier’s private room 1. Can you check who booked the room for me?” The manager on duty checked the computer and then told him, "Mr. Adrien, it's Maxwell from Louise Corporation. " "Maxwell?" Adrien thought for a moment. Is Maxwell inviting his daughter and son to dinner? I can’t let go of this opportunity. He had to perform well in front of his "father-in-law" and "brother-in-law". Maybe these two people could help him court Emmeline in the future

Good gracious! He knew this dish, it was the grand finale of Cloudy Hotel, and it was only served to those who were at the presidential level. He had only seen it in pictures. Cloudy Hotel was one of the top hotels in Struyria

. It was common to serve leaders from abroad. “We did not order this,” Maxwell was surprised. Another two waiters brought in two more dishes. Maxwell sprang up from his seat. The last 3 dishes were extremely expensive and cost thousands. “What is this? Are you forcing me to pay for this now? It costs me 40 thousand dollars. Do you think I earned that easily?” “We are just doing a family gathering and having a casual meal. It doesn’t need to be so extravagant. You better return them to the kitchen,” Ethan added. “Mr. Ethan, hear me out. These few dishes were added by Mr. He had settled the bill including these few dishes,” said the waiter. Maxwell and Ethan were dumbfounded and looked at each other. Both of them were thinking about who would be so generous