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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 239

As he watched the waiter set up the dishes and left, Ethan looked at his sister. "Emma, is this from Abel?” "It’s not him. He wouldn’t do something like this. ” Then, was it… Ethan was thinking about who it could be when the door opened. First, there was a refreshing fragrance of flowers. Then, behind a large bouquet, revealed Adrien. Emmeline knew it was him. However, Maxwell was flattered and excitedly got up, "Mr. Adrien, what brings you here?" “Is it delicious?" Adrien smiled, "I'll have the kitchen change it again if it's not to your liking. " "It’s tasty! It’s like a national banquet, how could it not be tasty?" "That's good. " Adrien turned and stood in front of Emmeline while holding the flowers, “This is for you, Emma. ” Maxwell instantly remembered that Emmeline had triplets with this man in front of him. He had forgotten all about this. He only knew about it when Alondra told him about it. If he had known that the one who knocked up Emmeline was Mr. Adrien, he would not have driven her away. He would have taken the opportunity to take advantage of the Ryker family

No hurry. ” “Then get lost!” How could this man be so thick-skinned? This was in front of her father and brother! "Fine, I'll go, I'll go. " Adrien hurriedly waved his hand, "Take your time, I'll visit the house another day

. " "Okay, you’re welcome anytime!" Maxwell was flattered. Adrien left. If he didn't leave, Emmeline was going to cry. "Emma, don’t get angry with that kind of person," Ethan comforted his sister. Emmeline was irritated and she sat down with tears in her eyes. "How am I so unlucky? The father of my child is such a loser!” "Emma, don’t say that. Although he’s a playboy, he's quite nice,” Maxwell advised. "Dad, what do you mean?" Emmeline huffed, "You're biased towards that playboy?" "I’m not biased towards him. I’m telling the truth, you have children with him after all!" "Didn't Alondra want to set me up with Benjamin? You two are just using me to climb up high! Today you’re looking at Adelmar, tomorrow you’re looking at the Rykers. Why don’t you look at the Eros? They are basically the king!” Emmeline snapped. Maxwell was unable to say anything. "Am I right?" Emmeline rolled her eyes at him, "You guys are really too much!” “Eros is too much for us and we don’t have to rush on Benjamin’s side. Isn’t your brother the vice president of Adelmar Group? If you have some relationship with the Rykers…”