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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 240

Emmeline said angrily, "Then why don't you think about Able? He is the head of the Ryker family!" "No," Maxwell said, "Abel is getting engaged to Alana, otherwise he would be the best candidate!" Emmeline rolled her eyes, she was so angry. She wouldn’t attend this meeting if she knew what this was all about! So what about missing her father? He just wanted to use her. "Look at you and Mr. Adrien. Both of you had children together. If you become a family, I would have Adelmar and Ryker beside me. ” Maxwell was still excitedly thinking about his future. "Ethan, immediately stop the cooperation with the Louise Corporation,” Emmeline ordered. He was also angry with his sister, but today he came with the task assigned by Benjamin to cooperate with Louise Corporation. "Emma, it's not up to me. ” "Emma, Adelmar Group doesn’t belong to you, Ethan has to listen to Benjamin. " "It's up to me!" Emmeline slammed the table

" Ethan's face went pale when he hung up the phone. "Emma, why did Benjamin listen to you? And he called you Ms. Louise?” "Yes," Maxwell also murmured, "Benjamin did not only call you Ms

. Louise, but also… also stopped the cooperation with us?" Maxwell collapsed on the ground. "Dad, Dad!" Ethan was terrified. Emmeline was also shocked and pushed the chair away while calling out, "Dad, are you okay?" Ethan picked his father up and said to Emmeline, "Call 911, dad is not having a cerebral infarction again, right?" "I have my needles with me," Emmeline said, "I'll save him!" Ethan remembered that his sister knew a bit of acupuncture, so he quickly said, "Hurry up, it'll be bad if you're late!" In a few moments, Maxwell exhaled and woke up. "Dad, are you feeling better?" Ethan asked worriedly. "My business," Maxwell cried, "it's gone now!" "You're still thinking about business? What is more important now? Business or your health?” "Business is important! What could I feed myself if there’s no business. ” “I’ll give some business to you. It’s that okay now?” “But… Mr. Benjamin had canceled the cooperation with us. " "Didn't I say this is up to me? Adelmar will give you the project and let you earn a lot of money, are you satisfied?" "Don't you coax me," Maxwell muttered, "Do you think Adelmar is owned by you?"