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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 241

I’m the one who owns Adelmar Group. "And your acupuncture had such a miraculous effect. Emma, are you hiding something from us?” "Not at all! It’s not a big problem. ” "Then you and Adelmar…” "The business that Adelmar gave to Louise Corporation is small. He would do anything I want as he is in love with me. ” "But Benjamin called you Ms. Louise. " "He also called me an aunt!" Ethan then stopped talking. He knew his sister was cute, and it wasn't impossible for Benjamin to spoil her. “I’m not going to listen to you. I had to listen to Mr. Benjamin himself,” Maxwell muttered. Emmeline had no choice but to call Benjamin again. Benjamin then called Ethan again. "Adelmar Group and Louise Corporation will continue to cooperate," Benjamin said, "Tell your father, if he pisses off that auntie, I can't do anything about it!" "Okay, okay," Ethan hurriedly said, "Thank you, Mr. Benjamin. " Benjamin was about to hang up the phone. "Mr. Benjamin!" Ethan called out

” Emmeline turned around stunned, it was Alana. Emmeline walked toward her while Alana closed the glass door behind her with a smile. “I was looking for you

. I heard that you were doing stunt jobs at the studios. The work is very tiring, isn’t it? I’m worried for you,” Alana spoke softly. "Cut the crap and don't pretend. What do you want from me?" Emmeline said coldly. "Why do you speak so harshly to me? I was just passing by and came to see you. " "Passing by? Have you been discharged from the hospital?" "Not yet," Alana coughed lightly and said, "The doctor said it would take some time, I was badly injured when I took the bullet for Abel this time. " "Is that so? You look like you’ve fully recovered. Are you still pretending to be sick?" Emmeline clasped his arms and smirked. “I did not. I’m just looking better with makeup on when I went shopping just now. "You can still shop?" Emmeline sneered. "I'm in a hurry to get some things. You know I'm getting engaged to Abel, so I have to choose a wedding dress. "