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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 242

Alana is choosing a wedding dress? "Aren’t you inviting me to sit down and have a cup of coffee or something?" Alana saw that Emmeline had gone a little pale, she smiled slyly. "Have a sit," the two sat down at the table, and Emmeline snapped her fingers at Sam, "Two cups of coffee over here. " Sam simply placed the coffee on the table. It splashed on Alana and she screamed. "Sorry, sorry," Sam hurriedly picked up a rag, "how about I wipe it for you?" Alana took a look at the rag in Ling Xiao's hand to wipe the table, "Forget it!" Sam turned around and stuck her tongue out to make a face. "Emmeline, help me take a look. Does this wedding dress suit me?" Alana carried out a snow-white wedding dress from the bag. The wedding dress was studded with diamonds and sequins. It sparkles while reflecting the light of the café. It was too dazzling. "Well," Emmeline glanced at it and smiled, "it looks good, it really looks good, it suits you. " "That's good. I hope that when I get engaged, I'll be Abel’s most beautiful fiancée. " “Congratulations, then

You should focus on him. "I don't need you to worry about my business, but I want to remind you of one thing, something very important. " "Please tell me," Alana hurriedly said

. "You should learn how to get along with Timothy. When Timothy accepts you, then only you can get Abel's heart. Abel is a very qualified father, he won't disregard his child's feelings. " Alana lowered her head and spoke softly, "I have not been able to find the feeling of being a mother. " "How is that possible?" Emmeline frowned, "From the moment they separated in our body, the feeling of motherhood comes naturally. ” But I… Maybe because Timothy was carried away by Rosaline when I just gave birth to him. She doesn’t want me to marry Abel. I think that’s why our relationship is alienated. I don’t even know how to be a mother, but once I’m married into the Ryker family. I will learn how to be a good mother. " "Alana, you gave birth to Timothy just because you wanted to marry into the Ryker family?” Emmeline mocked