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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 244

Sam could only let her go as she knew she wasn’t able to make her change her mind. She had won several awards in Reykjavík. There should not be a problem. Emmeline went back upstairs and changed into a black biker outfit and her hair tied up in a ponytail. She brought out her bike from the garage. It looked mottled on the outside, but it was the design. Her bike is worth up to 45 thousand dollars. Emmeline speeded off after wearing her helmet. Sam was dumbfounded as Emmeline sped off so quickly. Adam’s men called him as they watched Emmeline disappear from their sight. “Mr. Adam, Emmeline has left on her bike. ” “Follow her. ” “But that speed of hers…” “That's your business, I just need to know where she went. ” “Yes, sir!” The man on the stakeout took out his walkie-talkie, “Crossroads ahead, keep an eye on that black bike

“Can she handle the world's top race car speed at 400 mph?” “That’s a VR5. It’s more than half a million. ” “I’ve never heard of such a person among the racers in Struyria

. ” “I’ll go and ask her. ” He walked over to Emmeline. “Hey girl, where are you from?” “Are you talking to me?” Emmeline asked. “Of course, you’re the only fresh face here. ” Emmeline laughed, “Give me a track, we'll get acquainted after racing once. ” The rider walked up to Emmeline's bike and placed his hand on the handlebars. This was really a limited DUKADI-V5R. The one available in the market was V4R. “What is your level? You’re not here to show off your bike, right?” “Do I need to do that with a molted design bike?” “So, you're here to race? The maximum prize money for this race is 800 thousand. ” “I don't want to make money, I just want to have some fun. Can you give me a place?” “Yes!” The driver pointed to track nine, “That spot is yours, go ahead. ” “Thanks!”