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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 245

The other racers came up one after another. "Mr. Adam, that girl is good. She had the stance," said the bodyguard from the passenger seat. “Let her ride. If she could win against those guys, put on our professionals. ” “Yes, sir. They are waiting at the side. ” Adam nodded. His eyes never left Emmeline. He was attracted to her. “Bang!” The sound of the signal gun was heard. 9 of the bikes started swiftly. The whole track had 91 turns, and each of them were very curved and steep. The ability and skills of the racers would be tested here

Emmeline was the only woman among them. Her bike looked worn out but she had the best chance of winning. She leaned forward on her bike

. Half a lap to go! “Five, four, three…” “Swoosh!” Emmeline reached the end of the track, beating second place behind by more than fifteen seconds. "Wow!" "Amazing!" "She’s the GOAT!" "Holy sh*t!" Adam was shocked. He almost stood up and banged his head against the roof of the car. Emmeline parked her bike and took off her helmet. The race track was filled with cheers and the atmosphere was filled with excitement! This girl is beautiful, unrestrained, and untamed! Adam almost had a nosebleed. The bodyguard in the front passenger seat had lowered his head and covered his nose with his hand. He couldn’t let Adam see his nosebleed. He knew Adam was already attracted to her. His bodyguard career was over if Adam knew he was attracted too. He lowered his head and vigorously wiped his nose with a tissue