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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 246

Emmeline was tossed up by the crowd. She was like a god-like existence in everyone's eyes. “Mr. Adam, what about our professionals?” The bodyguard asked. “Call them now. ” Although he was nervous for Emmeline, he wanted to see how she would perform in the end. He could see that it was completely unnecessary to worry about her safety. This woman's skills were formidable! Luckily, he brought Vampire Dust to control her, Adam thought. The bodyguard went to the back and called for two racers. Their legs were like jelly before the race. "You've gone soft before you even got on the track?" “Mr. Adam, I will not have any problem dealing with the other racers but, I admit defeat to the girl. ” “Me too. I had only seen a person with such skills in the Reykjavík International Competition. No one could reach that level. ” “I call you guys for nothing then?" Adam said angrily. "It's okay to play along for a while. Don't even think about taking first place. ” "Since we are here, let's play! I'll raise the prize money to 10 million! 5 million each for the top three!" When the two riders heard that, they were cool with it

Use the rest for beers!” "This girl is so cool!" Everyone cheered together. The celebration began. Adam said to his bodyguard, "Let's move

. " The bodyguard and a few men carried a few boxes of beer and headed for the group. Among them was a beer that was spiked with Vampire Dust. That was specially prepared for Emmeline. Everyone partied wildly. Emmeline also took a bottle of beer but she felt weak and limp after a few sips. She thought it was the result of relaxation after the high tension just now and didn’t bother about it. "Miss, our boss admires you. Could you come with me and meet him?” One of Adam’s bodyguards asked. Emmeline frowned, “Tell him to come over and talk. ” “Sorry miss, our boss is an old man and has inconvenient legs. " "An old man? It's rare that he's still interested in racing, he's still young at heart!" “Please follow us. Our boss is waiting in the car. ” “Alright. ” Emmeline nodded and followed him