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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 247

Emmeline stopped next to the door of the passenger seat. As the car window rolled down, she could see a man, who had a black mask over his face, sitting inside the car. She sensed a dangerous aura from the man the instant their eyes met. Emmeline was briefly stunned. "You…" Just then, she caught a whiff of a strange scent and started feeling dizzy. As she began to lose consciousness, she felt someone pushed her into the car. Then, everything turned dark. An hour later, Emmeline was moved into a room on the highest level of Section G inside the Imperial Palace. Adam used the place as his living space and workspace simultaneously. As she slowly woke up, Emmeline opened her eyes and saw the thin bed curtains hanging above her. She looked around and found herself lying on a big, round bed. Then, she noticed that she was not wearing the outfit she had picked out for the day. Instead, she was wearing a sexy, sheer nightgown. Emmeline let out a yelp in horror. She quickly pulled on the blanket and covered her voluptuous form. Where am I? What happened to my clothes? She tried to sit up and move out of the bed next. However, no matter how hard she tried, Emmeline couldn't muster any strength in her body. Then, a thought occurred to her. Was it Vampire Dust? Only the members of the Adelmar family knew how to make Vampire Dust, and they seldom produced the drug since it was often used for unscrupulous purposes

" Emmeline frowned slightly. "Look at you. " Adam reached out and brushed a finger softly against Emmeline's cheek

. "That feisty yet adorable expression on your face is so inviting. It almost feels like you're trying to seduce me. " Emmeline could feel her face burning as she felt extremely humiliated. He's probably right. However, it's all because of the effects of the Vampire Dust! I'm not doing it on purpose! "Just tell me who you are and why are you keeping me here?" Emmeline tried to maintain an expressionless face and stay still this time. "Do you really want to know?" Adam fixed her with a lustful gaze. Emmeline felt as though his gaze was about to bore into her. She couldn't help but nudge further away from Adam. "Sh*t!" Adam cursed. "You look ravishing even when you try to move away from me. " "I just want to know why you've brought me here. Where am I? What are you planning to do to me?!" Suddenly, Adam clapped loudly twice. Two Natryan maids came in through the door. "What can we get for you, Sir?"