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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 248

Adam pointed his finger in a certain direction. "Go and bring me that mirror from the bathroom. " "Understood. " The maids turned to leave the room. A short while later, they returned while carrying a huge standing mirror into the room. Emmeline couldn't help but wonder curiously. You weirdo, I just want to know why you've brought me here. Why are you asking for a mirror all of a sudden? One of the maids asked, "Where should we put the mirror, Sir?" "Hold the mirror up for Ms. Louise. Let her have a good look at her current condition," Adam said in a cheerful tone. While he said that, Adam tactfully felt around the bottom of his mask since he was worried that his mustache might show. Thankfully, the mask covered those parts of his face securely. At the same time, the maids carried the mirror and moved closer to the bed. Emmeline turned her eyes to the mirror in her curiosity and saw her reflection next. Oh my god! That sensual, alluring woman is me?! Emmeline could see how attractive she looked in that revealing nightgown with her long, wavy hair down. I think I know why he's abducted me… I might even get nosebleeds if I were to find a ravishing, curvy woman like this in my bed… Adam let out a soft chuckle. "Do you see it now? I believe any sane man would want to make you theirs upon seeing this. I am not an exception to that. " Emmeline grew more and more uneasy. I don't know who this man is, and I haven't a clue as to what he's planning to do to me… "Actually, Sir…" Emmeline started cautiously, "I'm a mother to several kids

" "You'll only be disappointed with my answer. " Emmeline scoffed, "There's no way I would do that. " "It's a little too early for you to say that

. " Adam said, "Let's look at a video first. You can decide after watching it. " A video?! Emmeline was frightfully alarmed by Adam's suggestion. Is this crazy man going to force me to watch some explicit videos?! Does he plan to force himself on me while I'm in such a vulnerable state? I knew it! This guy wearing a weird mask is an awful, wicked man! Emmeline felt goosebumps erupt all over her skin. Just then, Adam clapped his hands together twice again. Those two maids showed up upon his summon. Adam instructed, "Tell Mr. Linden that I want him to bring the video about the Imperial Palace's Canaries and meet me here. " "Understood. " Both maids left upon receiving his orders. In less than three minutes, Mr. Linden came into the room with a USB drive in his hand. "Which part of the video would you like me to play, Sir?" "Let's play the part when the Canaries were being purchased by those rich people from all around the world. " "Understood. " Emmeline felt extremely confused as she had no idea what they were talking about. The Imperial Palace's Canaries? Rich people from all around the world? These people addressed him respectfully as if he were their master. Are we currently at the Imperial Palace?! Is this scary man the Imperial Palace's owner, who also happens to be the leader of the biggest gang in Struyria?!