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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 249

Emmeline realized at that moment that she was probably in an extremely tricky situation. On the other hand, Mr. Linden had plugged the USB drive into a computer and played a clip on a huge LED screen installed on the wall. Emmeline could see several stunning, gorgeous ladies at the start of the clip. She subconsciously let out a gasp in astonishment. All of the ladies in the video are extremely beautiful! Even someone of the same sex like me is amazed by how beautiful they are! "Where did you find all these beautiful ladies? I can't stop marveling at their beauty and gracefulness!" "Aren't you one yourself?" Adam chuckled a little. "You can easily achieve that level of beauty if you just go through our training at the Imperial Palace, Ms. Louise. In fact, you're already way more beautiful than all of them now. " "Your training at the Imperial Palace?" Emmeline raised a brow. "What do you mean by that?" Adam flashed her an enigmatic smile. "We call it the Canary Project at the Imperial Palace. Each lady is called a Canary. We make and create beautiful, alluring women through this project. " He continued, "In the Canary Project, all of the ladies have to take milk baths and receive aromatherapy massages every day. Also, they would need to carry out a series of exercises to increase the flexibility of their body and learn various skills to charm and pleasure men. Could you picture what those women would look like after going through our project for a period of time?" Milk baths and aromatherapy massages every day… That'll make the ladies smell good and have smooth, supple skin. They also need to do a series of exercises to increase the flexibility of their body and learn various skills to charm and pleasure men… Oh my god! These beautiful women would be able to charm almost any man in the world! At that moment, Mr. Linden took a glance in Emmeline's direction. He was caught completely off guard and gave a gasp when he found himself having a nosebleed. Adam turned his head and saw the man's face. His face darkened almost instantaneously

I would treat them as if they were my own. I'll protect and cherish you and your kids…" "Until the day you get tired of me. " Emmeline gave a scoff

. "That might not necessarily happen. " Adam replied, "I might fall in love with you someday in the future. I would keep you by my side for the rest of my life if that were to happen. " "You think I would believe that?" Emmeline snapped at him, "What about the second option?" "You'll stay here and train to become the best Canary we have at the Imperial Palace. Eventually, you'll be sold off to one of the richest people in the world and become their plaything. That's right. You'll become a plaything!" "Fine. Train me, then. " Emmeline curled her lips. "I guarantee you that I'll exceed your expectations and become the one of best Canaries you have ever had. " Adam's eyes blazed with fury. "You'd rather become someone else's plaything than choose to accept me?!" "Well, I don't need any of those things from you. Also, things might not go according to your plans… Who knows? I might be able to make an escape during the training process. " Emmeline had a confident look in her eyes. "Hahaha!" Adam burst out laughing. "You're being too naive, Emmeline. You're practically powerless under the influence of the Vampire Dust. How are you going to manage an escape?" "Do you want to make a bet?" Emmeline had a faint smile on her face. "What if your best Canary succeeds in escaping this place?"