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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 253

"Alright. " Benjamin nodded. "We'll use your place, and I'll station my men there to guard and protect the kids. " Abel turned his eyes to Daisy next. "You should come with us too so that you could look after the kids. " "Of course! Then, I'll pack our stuff first," Daisy answered at once. An hour later, those three kids and the adults arrived at Abel's mansion, the Precipice. Benjamin also had six of his best bodyguards come to the mansion and work with Abel's bodyguards to maximize the security in that place. While Daisy was helping the kids unpack and settle down in their rooms, Abel and Benjamin were having a discussion about their next step. Abel said, "I'll try meeting with Adam and see what he has to say about Emmeline's disappearance. " "I'll come with you," Benjamin replied. "What if Adam decides to overpower and capture both of us when we're there?" Abel narrowed his eyes and gave Benjamin a sidelong glance. Benjamin thought about it for a bit. He's right. If something bad were to happen to him during their meeting, I'd still be able to offer him help if I stayed behind. It'd be the end of us if we're both caught. "I'll wait for the news from you, then. " Benjamin nodded eventually. A few moments later, Abel and Luca left the Precipice in the Rolls-Royce. Abel turned on his phone and dialed Adam's number

Don't you think I'm really hardworking?" "Mhm. I see some improvement. " Adam's eyes narrowed

. "However, shouldn't you let Emmeline know about this instead?" "I've thought about that too!" "You shouldn't just think about it. " Adam went on, "It's almost dinnertime. You should head over to the cafe and treat her to dinner. " "Uh…" The thought of meeting with Emmeline made Adrien shudder a little since the lady would randomly throw a few punches at him if she were in a foul mood. "Just go! I'll be waiting for your good news!" Adam said sternly and hung up the next instant. Adrien will listen to me and head over to the cafe. Once he gets there, he'll find out from the people there that Emmeline is missing. He would most likely rush here to see me afterward in a completely devastated condition. Abel would already be here by that time, and it would appear to him that the two of us had no idea Emmeline had gone missing! I also didn't tell Adrien that I had been keeping Emmeline in confinement so that his reactions would seem genuine. Twenty minutes later, a Rolls-Royce arrived at the Avalan. Since the guards were informed of Abel's visit, their vehicle was allowed to enter the area fairly quickly. After Abel had exited the car, he brought Luca and two bodyguards with him and made his way to the mansion's living room. Adam was seated comfortably on a sofa while sipping on a glass of wine. Abel and his men walked toward Adam and stopped just a few steps away from him. A cold, threatening aura emanated from Abel as he fixed Adam with a stony gaze