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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 256

Fifteen minutes later, the maid helped Emmeline out of the bathtub. Then, Emmeline was asked to lie down on a massage table. The thin, petite masseuse began massaging Emmeline's body, starting from her neck all the way down to her feet. After the massage session was done, Emmeline took a quick wash. Then, the masseuse applied some lotion and essential oils to her skin and rubbed it all over her body. The entire process took more than two hours to be completed. Emmeline had almost dozed off by the end of the session. When she opened her eyes and saw the condition of her skin, she was shocked by how smooth and supple it had become. My skin feels absolutely amazing right now! Wouldn't the ladies go crazy if they knew that there were such methods to achieve such soft, velvety skin?! "We're using a secret method that was practiced by the Natryan royalties. " The masseuse noticed the look of bewilderment in Emmeline's eyes. "What's your name?" Emmeline's eyes shone with excitement and curiosity as she looked at the masseuse. "Do you work here?" "You can call me Summer. " Summer Rowen introduced herself, "I applied for a job here since they were offering their employees very high pay. " "Don't you feel scared working at a place like this? It's as if the palace lord is the demon himself! You'd never know what might happen next working for a man like him!" Emmeline said. "I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't scared. Just look at what happened to Mr. Linden. Unfortunately, once a person gets accepted for a position here, the person won't get to leave this place of their own free will. They'd have to work here until they were deemed useless," Summer explained

Usually, I would make a home remedy that could help relieve menstrual cramps by using several herbal ingredients. " "I see. " Summer shook her head

. "I don't think I have what you need since the ingredients I use are mostly inedible. " "You can tell the person in charge of purchasing that you've changed some of the ingredients for the milk bath. I'll write down what I need, and you can tell them to get those instead. " Summer paused briefly. Then, she said, "I think that might work. I'll try and get the ingredients for you then. " "Thank you!" Emmeline grinned widely at Summer. After they were finally done with everything, Summer helped Emmeline put on a new nightgown. Then, they came out of the bathroom. Emmeline asked for a piece of paper and a pen. Then, she wrote down several ingredients and handed the paper to Summer. "I just need these. Thank you so much again!" As Summer was putting the folded paper away, someone knocked on the door. The voice of the man with a mask came from behind the door. "Emmeline, open the door!"