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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 257

Emmeline flinched slightly and clutched at the hem of her nightgown upon hearing that voice. "Miss, I think the palace lord is back," Summer said in a low, shaky voice. "What should I do?" Emmeline seemed a little frightened as well. "Well, you should open the door," Summer replied. "I can't do that!" Emmeline shouted in the direction of the door next, "I don't want to see you! I'm tired! I'm going to sleep now!" "You don't have a say in that! You're just one of the many products that belong to the Imperial Palace!" Adam retorted scornfully. Emmeline shouted back at him, "Don't try to push me! Otherwise, I'll find ways to end my life right now!" "Don't you dare do that!" Adam threatened, "If you try to kill yourself, I'll abduct all three of your sons next!" Emmeline froze upon hearing the man's words. He already knows that I have three kids! How did he find out about this in such a short amount of time?! "Who are you?" Emmeline raged, "What have I ever done to you to deserve all this?!" Adam laughed cynically. "Let's just say that luck hasn't been on your side since you've run into me. " Emmeline stomped toward the door and yanked it open. Her eyes were burning with rage as she fixed a murderous glare at the man. "That's more like it!" Adam reached out to caress Emmeline's cheek, but the lady took a step back and avoided his touch. "Hahaha!" Adam laughed. Then, he clapped his hands twice. Another maid came running down the corridor to his side. "What can I do for you, Sir?" "Bring some food and drinks to this room. I was so busy talking to those two brats that I forgot to have dinner earlier. " Adam gave the maid an instruction. "Understood. " The maid hurried away to pass on the message

" Emmeline picked up the wineglass and took a sip. I have no interest in keeping this scary man company as he enjoys his wine. I just want to make him leave as soon as possible

. "We have a variety of exotic, rare liquor stored in our cellar. " Adam suggested, "If you're interested to see them, I can bring you there and show you around. " "I'm not interested," Emmeline replied expressionlessly. Adam had a faint smile on his face. "I guess we're different in that sense. I'm interested in the various types of delicious liquor. Also, I'm intrigued by beautiful, feisty women. " Adam lifted his hand and reached for Emmeline's face again. Emmeline quickly pushed his hand away. However, there was very little strength in her hand as the effects of the Vampire Dust had yet to wear off. She hardly moved Adam's hand despite her efforts. "Hahaha!" Adam gave a laugh and grabbed Emmeline's wrist. Then, he planted a kiss on the back of her hand. Emmeline took a piece of tissue and began rubbing it on the spot to wipe it clean