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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 261

"That's not the point here. " Ethan had a frown on his face. "Just call Mr. Benjamin on the intercom and tell him that I need his help to look for my sister. " "Are you trying to pull my leg, Mr. Ethan?" Ms. Plummer said haughtily, "Mr. Benjamin might fire you for causing him unnecessary distractions during an important meeting with a guest. " "Just call him already!" Ethan snapped at her. "Very well. " Ms. Plummer replied, "You're taking full responsibility if Mr. Benjamin gets angry about this. " "Yes, I will. I'll make sure that you won't have to bear any of the consequences for doing this!" Ethan nodded firmly. Janie stood at the side and watched as those two bickered. As Ms. Plummer's superior, Janie was about to stop the young lady and make her call Benjamin right away. However, Ethan had managed to get the lady to do it before she opened her mouth to say something. Ms. Plummer used the intercom to call Benjamin. After waiting for quite some time, Benjamin finally answered the phone. "Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Ethan is asking to see you. He says that he needs your help to look for his sister," Ms. Plummer explained in a brisk manner. "I am pondering over what to do about the issue as well

" Abel explained, "That person is trying to target me and Benjamin. They won't hurt Emma. " "Is that true, Mr

. Benjamin?" Ethan turned his gaze on Benjamin, who was rubbing his aching temples. Benjamin gave a nod without saying anything else. Janie pointed toward Abel again. "You… You're the Ryker Group's CEO, Abel Ryker?!" "That's me," Abel replied with an unsmiling, expressionless face. Janie felt dizzy and swayed a little upon hearing his words. She was in a state of shock. Luckily, Ethan caught her arm and prevented her from dropping to the floor. "What are you doing here instead of completing your work for the day?" Benjamin appeared slightly disgruntled. "Go back to your desk. " "Emma has been missing for days, and I'm worried about her!" Janie replied, "Also, who is Emma actually? How is she acquainted with so many powerful and important people in our country?!" Ethan couldn't agree more with what Janie had just said. Just then, the notification ringtone on Abel's and Benjamin's phones sounded almost simultaneously. Both of them received a message from that unknown number again. Abel and Benjamin hurriedly clicked on the message. A photo of Emmeline's beautiful face was displayed on the screens of their phones the next instant. Emmeline's beauty was so mesmerizing that both men stopped and stared at the photo for a few seconds. "Mr. Benjamin. Mr. Abel. " Ethan asked in a shaky voice, "Is it a message from that person asking us to go somewhere to retrieve Emma's body?" Abel and Benjamin were rendered speechless by Ethan's response. "Emma!" Ethan dropped to the floor, looking completely devastated. Janie fell onto the floor following him. "The two of you… should head outside first," Abel said in a low voice