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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 264

Douglas Gough could feel his palms getting sweaty upon hearing the amount of money from Abel. "Don't try to come up with weird excuses saying that we don't have that much money in the Ryker Group. " Abel said in a steely voice, "As far as I know, I can even get up to 1000 million dollars for emergency use from the company. " "Um…" Douglas, the deputy general manager of the finance department in the Ryker Group, nodded slightly. "Alright, Mr. Abel. I'll prepare the funds for you right away. " Despite having said that, the first thing Douglas did after he had come out of Abel's office was to give Oscar a phone call. The man had gotten to his current position in the company with Oscar's help and guidance previously. Not only did he feel tremendous loyalty toward the company, but he also felt the same sentiment toward Oscar. "What? 300 million dollars?!" Oscar rose to his feet the instant he heard the news from Douglas. "Don't give the money to him! I'll head to the company and ask him what this is all about!" Thirty minutes later, Oscar arrived at the building of the Ryker Group. He took the elevator and pressed the button for the highest floor in that place. Abel's secretary spotted a fuming Oscar coming toward the CEO's office. She hurried to the door and was about to warn Abel, "Mr. Abel…" She didn't manage to finish her sentence as one of Oscar's bodyguards pushed her aside to make way for the elderly gentleman

I'll make sure that the company doesn't suffer any crippling loss due to this incident," Abel replied expressionlessly. "Just tell me why you need as much as 300 million dollars! This is no laughing matter!" "Perhaps I should explain the situation to you, Grandad. " A familiar voice rang out near the door

. Oscar turned his eyes to the door and saw Adam walking into the room. On the other hand, Abel remained silent as he watched Adam move toward Oscar. "What do you have to say about this, Adam?" Oscar asked. "Take a look at this first, Grandad. " Adam turned on his phone and clicked on a photo. Then, he showed Oscar the photo displayed on the screen of his phone. "Do you recognize the person in the photo, Grandad?" A dark light glinted in Abel's eyes. He knew even without looking that Adam was showing Oscar the advertisement about Canary No. "That's Emmeline Louise?" Oscar was unaware of the auctions held by the Imperial Palace to sell the Canaries. "What's the meaning of this?" Oscar had a confused look in his eyes as he fixed Adam with an intense gaze. "It seems like she's being advertised as a product to be sold off?" "You're right about that, Grandad. Also, Abel is asking for that 300 million dollars so that he can use the money to buy this lady. " There was a loud noise the next instant as Oscar struck the coffee table in a fit of anger