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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 265

"Abel, you’re insane! How dare you use the assets of the Ryker family that are worth thirty billion dollars just for a woman? Do you think that I easily achieved what I have today? I’m so angry!" Abel was silent, and Adam was smiling coldly. "What happened today is not a trivial matter. " Oscar raised his eyebrow and said, "We’ll have a family meeting now to talk about how to resolve the issue!" "Let’s get back to the Ryker Residence," Abel suggested. "It’s not suitable to do it here. " He stood up and left. "He’s getting on my nerves!" Oscar hit his cane on the ground and walked out too. Adam smirked and followed both of them. Half an hour later, everyone gathered at the Ryker Residence. Landen and Lewis and their wives arrived; Adrien was still missing in action. Everyone heard that Oscar gathered everyone here for thirty billion dollars. Abel wanted to use it personally; no one would have agreed with him. It would affect their company badly if he moved the funds. And if anything happened to the company during this period of time, it would be in danger. No way, no way, will we agree to him! All of them held shares in the company, so they had the right to oppose Abel’s Rolls-Royce was driven into the courtyard of the Ryker Residence; his driver parked the car, and he went into the living room alone. Luca and a few bodyguards were worriedly waiting outside

" Julianna glanced at Abel and said, "No way, if anything goes wrong, our future will be ruined. " "I don’t think it’s suitable either," Landen said. "All of us are on the boards of directors; I don’t agree with it

. " "Abel," Lewis looked at his son and asked, "What’s wrong?" "Why do you need to use so much money at once?" "Abel," Rosaline also said, "we can spare the money if you need a lesser amount. What is wrong?" "It’s for Emmeline. " He finally spoke, and he looked determined. Everyone was dumbfounded, and Adam smirked mockingly. "Abel," Rosaline asked, "I can’t understand you. How can you use so much money just for a woman? What’s wrong with you?" "That’s right," Lewis said with a frown. "Are you being lied to by her? Is she asking for this amount of money from you?" "You’ve misunderstood it," Abel answered coldly. "She did not ask me for it. " "Then, why do you need it?" "She’s fallen into the wrong hand," he growled. "I want to save her!"