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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 266

Lewis exchanged looks with Rosaline, and their faces crumpled. Landan and Julianna also looked at each other. "Abel," Rosaline said, "I won’t oppose you to save a life. But she belongs to Adrien, so Landen’s family should be the ones saving her!" "What is this logic?" Abel asked, "How does she belong to Adrien?" "She gave birth to three of his children," Lewis said coldly. "It’s not your place to save her!’ "I don’t care," Abel stood up abruptly and said, "I will save her at all costs!" "Julianna," Rosaline said helplessly, "c'mon, say something. "It turns out that Abel wants to use this money to save the mother of your three grandchildren. " Julianna was lost for words. Landen coughed and said, "It’s not as easy as you think!" "That's right," Julianna responded. "Emmeline did give birth to the three children, but she’s not married to our son yet. So, she’s not officially considered part of our family. What’s more, she was having indescribable relationships with Abel and Benjamin; we pity our son a lot

" "Impossible," he said, "I will get thirty billion dollars to save Emmeline!" "How dare you?" Oscar snorted and glared at him. "I’m still here!" "We already said that we disagreed!" Adam said coldly, "Abel, the money belongs to the company, not you alone!" "Then, can I withdraw my own funds?" Abel said coldly, "My own funds should be more than enough!" "Then you will mean nothing to our company," Oscar said. "You won’t even be on the board of directors, let alone be in charge of our company

. " Abel expected this turn of events. Adam smirked secretly. Abel, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! Adrien’s parents were overjoyed to hear it, and Abel’s parents were upset about it. "Abel, you can’t do this!" Rosaline grabbed his hand; his hand was cold. He pushed her hand away and said, "It’s a deal. " He said with determination, "I can sign the military order with granddad, and if I can’t return all the money before the deadline, I’ll give up my stocks and assets in our company!" "Abel, don’t do this!" "Abel, don’t be a fool!" His parents stood up abruptly. "But," Abel continued to say, "if I managed to return all the money on time and I didn’t harm our company in the process, everything shall go back to normal. Granddad, what do you think about it?" He looked at Oscar sharply