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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 267

Oscar was deep in thought. On one hand, he was quite fond of Abel's character. Abel had a moral compass, unlike Landen and his wife. On the other hand, letting him use the company fund was out of the picture. The company's interest came before Emmeline's. Adam stood up. "Grandpa, if Abel insists on putting the entire Ryker Group at risk, you should revoke his title as the CEO. He isn't acting like one anyway. " "Adam!" Abel interjected. "This is not a reckless act. My overseas projects are lucrative enough to earn 500 million dollars in six months. Not to mention my other projects too. " "Do you have proof?" "Go check the records in the office, Adam. Why would I fake that?" Julianna decided to speak up. "Either way, you can only reassure everyone here if you're willing to relinquish your position. " "Julianna! You're just trying to force Abel to step down here," said Rosaline. "Blame your son's incompetence

Right then, Adrien staggered into the room. No one really cared if he would come anyway. "W

. What's the occasion?" Adrien slurred, seemingly from alcohol. Oscar didn't like what he was seeing and retired into his room. The decision had been made. The others could iron out the details on their own. Landen and Julianna were dismayed to see Adrien in this state. While Lewis's and Rosaline's face was full of derision. "Abel. " Adrien approached his brother. "I heard there's a meeting. Is it over already?" "It's nothing of import. We are just borrowing 300 million dollars from the group. " "300 million dollars?" Adrien almost jumped on his feet. "Abel, do you think you own the company now? You can't borrow a large sum like this!"