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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 268

"Dad, Mom, let's go. " Abel didn't want to argue with Adrien. "All right. " Rosaline and Lewis got up. "Abel!" Adrien pressed on. "You haven't told me why you need 300 million dollars. Is my year-end bonus going to be affected now?" "Educate yourself on the canary auction of Imperial Palace," answered Abel sternly. He then left with his parents. "The canary auction?" Adrien mumbled to himself. "I just came there and there was no auction. " "Because you are not the target audience," Adam sneered. "The auctioneer will only invite people of Abel's caliber. " "Are you invited then, Adam?" asked Adrien. "Of course. " "Then show me the auction," Adrien yelled impatiently. "Which beauty costs 300 million dollars?" Adam showed Adrien his phone and the latter was stunned. "Emmeline? Canary No. 9?" "Abel!" Adrien made a beeline to the door. "Please rescue her!" But Abel's Rolls-Royce already left the estate. "Adrien, you imbecile!" Julianna protested. "What do you mean, Mom? I need to save the mother of my sons

Julianna immediately dogged behind her husband. Before leaving, she put in a few words. "Tell Adrien to give up on rescuing Emmeline

. It's 300 million dollars we're talking about. " "Be patient, Adrien. " Adam patted Adrien's shoulder. "Patient?" Adrien snapped back. "Emma is going to be someone's plaything now!" "I didn't say I won't rescue her. I will. Just not like the way you imagine. " "How then?" inquired Adrien. "Come to my place. I'll tell you everything over a meal. " Just like that, Adam and Adrien went to Avalan in their private cars. When the food was served, they sat beside the table. "Adam, please. " Adrien was getting increasingly nervous. "Don't give me riddles now. Tell me. How are you going to save Emmeline?"