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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 269

"Desperation doesn't look good on you," said Adam as he twirled the wine glass. "Easy for you to say since she isn't the woman of your dreams," retorted Adrien. "Who said she isn't?" "What?" "Oh. Pardon the slip of my tongue. I mean to say that she is my sister-in-law. " "Then tell me how to save her already. " "I’ll need you. " Adam helped himself to another dish. "Me?" Adrien snorted. "I don't have 300 million dollars and I can't fight. How am I supposed to save Emmeline?" "I can do something and Emmeline will be all yours," said Adam. "I don't follow. " "Sigh. I want you to play the hero," Adam explained. "Play the hero?" Adrien jumped. "Adam, it is the Imperial Palace we're talking about

Including you. " Adrien blanched. But Adam quickly burst into laughter

. Meanwhile, after Abel left Oscar's Mansion, he went to The Precipice. For safety reasons, the triplets were allowed to skip their preschool for a few days. When they saw Abel return home, they quickly descended to the first floor. "Daddy, where's Mommy?" "Daddy, I'm worried about Mommy. " "Daddy, I miss Mommy. " Abel picked up the triples in his arms and kissed them. Looking from the kitchen, Daisy could tell that Abel was more like a father to those kids than Adrien. Yet all reports claimed that their father was Adrien, and the mother of Timothy was Alana. It didn't make any sense. "Mommy is safe for now. " Abel comforted the triplets. "So when are you going to rescue her, Daddy?" "Yeah, when? Mommy cannot stay with the bad guys. " "I can't sleep without Mommy!"