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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 270

"There, there. " Abel ruffled the triplets' hair. "I have a plan now. I will go and rescue mommy after three days. " "Thanks, Daddy. " "Thanks, Daddy. " "Muah. " Star kissed Abel. "You won't kiss your Daddy now?" "All right. " Both Sun and Moon planted a kiss on Abel's cheek. It was a bittersweet moment that almost teared Abel up. "Mr. Abel. " Luca appeared. "Mr. Benjamin is here. Should I let him in?" "Yes, please. " Abel turned around and said affectionately to his kids, "Go upstairs now. I have to talk with Uncle Benjamin. " The triplets loosened their grip on Abel and went upstairs obediently. After Luca asked the guards to open the gate, Benjamin parked his car in a dedicated spot. Sam came out from the passenger seat and together, they approached Abel

"You are cooking for them in person?" Daisy chuckled. "The triplets love Mr. Abel's cooking

. They don't even like mine. " "Wow. " Sam's eyes widened. It seemed like Benjamin would face a strong love rival like Abel in his journey to woo Emmeline. That said, saving her was the priority now. And no matter who Emmeline chose in the future, Benjamin would give her his blessing. "So, do we have the money now?" Benjamin asked Abel. The latter nodded. The deal was in black and white anyway. "What about you?" Abel inquired. Benjamin was just the CEO of Adelmar Group. He still had to answer to someone else so he couldn't get 300 million dollars that swiftly. "I penned an IOU to my superior and she is generous enough to lend me the money. " "So who exactly is the owner of Adelmar Group?" Abel squinted. "She isn't in Struyria. She is just a retired businesswoman. " "Sounds like an old woman. She definitely deserves a break after a life of hard work. "