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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 271

"She's not exactly old. She just doesn't like doing business. She sticks to her hobbies. " Such as being a stuntwoman, an amateur car racer, making desserts, cooking her children's favorite dishes, and also studying the medical problems Robert gave her. "It's okay. Adelmar needs you to function, Benjamin. And only you can go against the Ryker Group. " "Likewise, likewise. " Benjamin smiled politely. "Anyway. " Abel got up from the couch. "I have to cook for the triplets now. We can discuss our plan after the meal. " "Let me help you," Benjamin volunteered. "I want to know what the triplets like to eat. " Abel froze. His body slowly turned around. "Do I take this as a declaration of war, Mr. Benjamin?" Benjamin smiled again. "Don't worry, Mr. Abel

Now we elaborate on the operation. " "Mhm. " Abel added, "They won't let us win the bid

. So a fight will eventually break out. " "I have armed personnel with me," said Benjamin. "But how do you plan to mobilize them?" Abel clicked on Section G of Imperial Palace. "This is the office building in which the Palace Lord works. It has 29 floors in total and Emma lives on the 20th floor. " "Which means Emma is there too?" "Most likely, yes. The auction party will be held in a large conference hall on the second floor of Section G. That area has three exits in total. " Abel highlighted the exits with his mouse. "If we take this exit here, we have access to the elevator, which can bring us to the 29th floor," continued Abel. "It will be heavily guarded. " "Yes. So to rescue Emma, we should avoid alerting the forces there. " "Naturally. " Benjamin couldn't agree more. But he knew there was no way the Palace Lord would let the whole operation go that smoothly