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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 272

"Let our guys in so that they could check their position," uttered Abel. "Okay. " Benjamin left the room. Before long, Luca and twelve other elite guards came in. Abel dragged a box out of his wardrobe and unlocked it. There were only guns and ammunition inside. "Eric, head to my trunk and bring those babies in," ordered Benjamin. "Sure thing, Mr. Benjamin. " Shortly after, Eric came with another box. Benjamin opened it. It was a box full of disassembled sniper rifles. With a few swift motions, Benjamin gathered all the components he needed and assembled the rifle. Abel was amused. It seemed like he wasn't the only one who was professionally trained in the room. "Mr. Benjamin, your identity is getting more and more mysterious," Abel chimed in. "This is nothing. " Benjamin tried to aim with the sniper rifle. "My boss is an expert in firearms

" "Mr. Abel? Where to?" "The Precipice, his mansion," answered the manager. Adrien frowned

. Abel was at The Precipice? Moments ago, Adrien paid a visit to Nightfall Cafe to check on the triplets. But what he saw was a notice that read "Temporary Shut Down". Just when Adrien was wondering where the triplets could be, the manager fetched him an answer. Abel must have taken those kids away to protect them. However, the thought of it didn't sit well with Adrien. He was their father. If anything, he should be the one protecting them. Adrien stormed off. He grabbed his car keys and drove to The Precipice. Standing in front of the towering metal gate, he spammed on the doorbell. "How may I help, sir?" A guard appeared. "You don't know me?" Adrien sniggered. "I don't. I'm new here. " "Then remember this face. For I am the ever-charming Adrien Ryker. "