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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 273

"Right. Yes, Mr. Adrien?" "OPEN THE GODDAMN GATE ALREADY!" Adrien bellowed. "Sorry, I'll need Mr. Abel's permission. " "I'm his older brother!" "But Mr. Abel is my employer. " "What a load of bullcrap. " Adrien cursed. "Tell him I'm visiting. " "Please wait here. " The guard then sauntered to the mansion. The guard post was several hundred feet away from the mansion. But instead of using his intercom to ask for permission, the guard walked to the mansion. It took almost 15 minutes for the guard to get back to Adrien. "Sorry. Mr. Abel said no visitor," the guard uttered apologetically. "What did you tell him?" Adrien's face twitched. "I told him that his brother is here. " "And?" "But he said 'I don't care!' and went back to sleep. " "Sleep?" Adrien looked at his wristwatch. It was barely 9 PM

"Luca, tell all guards that no visitor is allowed in unless they have my explicit consent. Especially people from the Ryker family," ordered Abel. "Yes, sir

. " "Worst comes to worst, send the triplets to Glenbrook. The Rykers will not go near my place," suggested Benjamin. Abel thought about it before nodding. "That might be a great idea. We have to rescue Emma the day after tomorrow and we cannot afford another slip-up here. Transfer the babies to Glenbrook immediately. " "Okay. Before Adrien knows what's going on, at least," agreed Benjamin. "Luca, get the car. " "Yes, sir. " Everyone moved quickly so after one and a half hours, the triplets were transferred to Benjamin's place. In his car, Adrien was planning to call Adam. In the meantime, Adam was enjoying his dinner in the Imperial Palace. He also wanted to check on the progress of those canaries. 11 beautiful women from exotic countries surrounded Adam in a fan-shaped formation. Under his mask, Adam smirked. Among the 11 beauties, he liked Emmaline the most. All the other women just paled in comparison to her