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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 274

After a few days of training, Emmeline now knew how to dance and entertain. Every gesture from her was alluring and beguiling. No man could possibly resist her seduction. When Adam was busy taking in the sight before him, his phone rang. It was from Adrien. There was no way Adam would risk exposing himself here by answering the call. So he declined it. But Adrien was annoyingly persistent today. After a while, Adam decided to go to another room to take the call. BANG! He slammed the door behind him. "What is wrong with you, Adrien?" Adam hollered. "Adam?" Adrien was taken aback by the vexation of his brother. "Did you have a bad day or something?" "I'm about to go to sleep but you just have to call me at this hour. " "Sleep?" Adrien was dumbfounded. Was today International Go-to-bed-early Day? Adrien couldn't care less. He had his priority. "Adam, Abel took the triplets away

" That was enough to reassure Adrien. He then hung up. "What a moron," Adam sniggered at his phone

. "Why would I hand Emmeline to you once Abel is out of the picture? Just how dumb are you, Adrien?" On the day of the auction. 6 PM. Abel and Benjamin had a mock training with all 12 guards in the morning. Two of them were snipers while the rest were given an assault rifle. They put on a bulletproof vest before going about their business as usual. However, an informant Abel planted in the Imperial Palace reported that extra security measures would be taken for the auction. Everyone had to go through a security check armed with infrared sensors. That meant firearms would be detected. Abel's and Benjamin's expressions turned grim at the news. It felt like their enemies expected them to come. And the enemies had taken all the necessary precautions to stop them from coming. At the moment, Abel and Benjamin faced one problem. How were they supposed to carry the guns inside?